Sunday, March 30, 2008

Injured Princess

My family had our usual Sunday Mass at St. Joseph's Shrine in Mandaue City and took a side trip to the nearby Orange Brutus before heading to the mall. While I was ordering at the counter, Jeremy and Frances were at the kids' corner playing with the Little Tykes playset. When they were called to join us in eating, only Jeremy complied. Frances stayed there for long and seemed to be in pain. As I stood up to see what was happening to her, the more she cried and she didn't want to show me what happened to her right hand. I talked her into it and she showed me like a 6-inch cut from her palm down to her wrist. She wasn't so cooperative at first because she was afraid thet her Papalo would react. It wasnt't a deep cut though, just a superficial one, but still, as cut is a cut is a cut, no matter how small it is, especially with the sight of blood, it only means one thing...PAIN. I tried to call the attention of the male food attendant at first but he didn't seem to mind it. So next step was that I brought it up with the manager how unsafe it was for kids to be playing at the slide when all we thought was that the plastic material was smooth to the touch. I'm just so glad the manager was not defensive and admitted that there was really a rough portion of the slide and assured us that she would bring it up to the maintenance team. She also applied first aid on Frances which brought me relief. She even sent out a plateful of French fries and Chocolate Monster cake to Frances' delight, hehehe...Mama said they might be afraid of being sued but I assured them that it's okay since it was only a minor accident and that they should just do something to prevent the same thing from happening to other kids.Or maybe they we're startled to see Her Royal Highness in pain after going down the slide, hehehe. Anyway, all's well that ends well.

This was her dressed wound...

Her Royal Highness enjoying her complimentary cake, hehehe...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

USC Revisited

I was at the University of San Carlos-Main for a scheduled Job Fair held at the Wrocklage Yard. It has been like eight years or so since I last set foot on my alma mater. The last time I was there was when I was taking up my Masters in Social Psychology. I intended to be early in going to the venue so that I would still have ample time to roam around and take pictures.

As a whole, the school has transformed a lot. Some departments were transferred to different locations. First, I went up to the Psychological Testing Office where I met Ma'am Remy, our professor in Psychometrics. We talked for a while and had to excuse myself since I understood that she has to administer test batteries to the clients there. As I went up to the second floor Iwhere I was supposed to find the Psychology Department, I was a bit disoriented . I was hoping to find familiar faces like former professors, schoolmates-who-have-turned-professors, old flame ( wahahaha...was there any that time? LOL) etc. Anyway, got down and went back to our booth. We received a call that our messenger was on his way to USC to bring our tarpauline standee, I went out to meet him so he could enter the school using the extra gate pass for the said event. While waiting for him, I met my kumareng Leah, who is handle some major subjects in Psychology and was on her way to the Psyc Dept. It was from her that I learned that the Psyc Dept. has been transferred to a bigger location at the third floor, to where the Math and CompSci Department used to be. She promised to show me around the place as soon as I'm done with my duties at my booth. So by lunchbreak, I started climbing up the very, very steep stairs by the side of the USC Post office. I had to defy my fear of climbing those flight of stairs because eversince my college days, I rarely pass by that area for fear of falling down and landing on the headlines since we have a news reporter for a classmate, hahaha.I only got to use those stairs during my Español 1 and 2 with Mdm Aller hahaha.....hadlok ta ma headline oi, naa ra ba si Karlon....that used to be an inside joke within the JIGKATE circle because of our craziness.

Anyway, it was so nice to see familiar faces, like Ma'am Rizza, the department secretary. I was surprised that she still remembered me. There was also Erlinda who is now part of the Psyc faculty and some of the former SHSJ students taking up Psyc, who used to be under me during my Guidance Counselor years. It was good to meet up with them.

My time at USC was so limited, I hope to visit the place again soon, this time with my kids.

Here are some pics to share with....... our job fair booth the Testing Center with Ma'am Remy

........this used to be the Psyc Department Office visit wouldn't be complete without getting a glimpse of the

Father Goertz Hall. This was the main witness of my rollercoaster ride

as a Psyc major; of becoming aware of who I really am, the laughter

and tears shared by everyone who was with me at the Group Dynamics

Laboratory, etc. FGH was a silent witness to all these and every Psyc

major is aware of that. :)

Well, well, well...buhi pa man diay ni nga pay phone!!!

Another silent witness ni, hahaha...if only you could this

phone talk, it can tell you everything that was untold,

sayang it can't spill the beans, hehehe....:P