Saturday, July 21, 2007


To see a person healed is such a wondrous sight to behold. The process of healing does not follow the dictates of time, it just comes is not something that should be pushed, enforced, otherwise all efforts will just go to waste...

During the past days, I have been witness to how people close to me have sweetly reaped the fruits of putting faith in God to aide in each one's healing process...

A friend of mine was almost in the verge of seeing her family apart due to her husband's physical, verbal, and emotional abuse on her and her kids. But with fervent prayers by our circle of friends, with the intercession of Mama Mary, her husband, with all his mighty height and arrogance, suddenly made a sudden turn and showed all signs of remorse thinkable. Well, that was worth a second chance especially that it was an answered prayer from above.

Another healing story is about a cousin whom I really consider as my bestfriend. For a time, I had a falling out with her since she wasn't able to show up at my wedding where she was supposed to be my maid of honor. The reason--- poor boyfriend was in a relationship with another girl, as a result my cousin developed a heart problem and was hospitalized and went through some kind of depression of sorts. She never made an effort to say sorry for not showing up on my special day. But fast-forward to the present, we are the best of friends ever, no one else can surpass that kind of relationship. I understood that breaking up was never an easy thing to accept, I should know, I've been there, done that, hehehe! Now that we have our own families, we share notes, read what's on each other's minds even before we blurt it out, we know each other inside-out. I can only say, time and experience did not only heal her but myself as well. The most important of all is that we prayed for it.

The most unforgettable healing story of all is that of Hubert's former girl. Christmas 2005 was such a memorable day for me since I received the most important gift Baby Jesus gave me which was hearing her manage to create a coversation with me. It was very touching because for me it was a sign that she has been healed and has broken the bondage. I know it took much effort on her part and it was not an easy one knowing that there were other people around who were making such a big deal out of it more than we do. I have been prayer for that moment to come and it came. For that, praise be God! And thank you also :)

The road to healing is such a very long journey. Healing entails with it the ability to accept, forgive, and gain wisdom. From all the stories I shared, there was one common denominator which helped through the process---POWER OF PRAYER. It never fails, we just have to to wait :)

Now let me share with you a song about healing. This has been my favorite since I was in Grade 3 up to now, can you believe that?hehehe

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Dining at Home

I really look forward to weekends spent at home since I have all the time in the world to prepare our meals. During weekdays, I always end up eating at the school canteen where my kids also take their lunch. Here's a glimpse of what we had over dinner...

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How about Crispy Kangkong for appetizer?

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Spicy Gambas, anyone?

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Or, how about Pork Strips in Char Siu Sauce?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

It's in the Paper!!!

Last Saturday, the kids and I tagged along with Mama and Papa and went to their Eastland abode. While Papa was about to park the car, Sunstar's Joshua Cabrera, our neighbor, was so excited as he called on to Papa, " 'Nong Jorge, pagpalit ug SunStar kay naa si Frances sa SunStar Weekend page 4.Kung wala kay copy kay ako ihatag ang ako complimentary copy." Hahaha, as in, ana ka detailed ang info ni Joshua. So off we went to buy the newspaper. And true enough, she was first in line among the flowergirls. It really was in page FOUR in the Weekend Section. This was one of the wedding pictures taken by my brother, Rene, during Dennis and Mawen's wedding in December of 2006. Mawen happens to be Joshua's only sister. Since last Saturday was the last Day of June, a month for most brides marching down the aisle, the SunStar article was, of course, about weddings. I can still remember the preparations we did for the wedding. Imagine, I was only given one week before the wedding to prepare the invitation, contact the caterer, ready myself to be the hostess, and take care of the program. The whole Enriquez family was in full force during the big day. My brother Rene and sis-in law, Jolana took care of the wedding photography, free of charge ha?; Mama and Papa were one of the principal sponsors; Frances was one of the flowergirls; and yours truly was the program hostess. Not to mention that Mama had to make their wedding cake upon learning the night before the wedding that they still don't have a wedding cake, hehehe. So that's the reason why her wedding landed on the local daily for having spent a minimal amount of Php 25,000.00 pesos with 50 guests and reception held at the Eastland Clubhouse. It wasn't a grand wedding, so to say, but one of the best weddings I have ever attended so far. For the reason that it was a very intimate one, with only their family, and close friends witnessing their "I do's" and that "Bayanihan" spirit proved to still exist inspite of the modern world we live in. Everyone in the neighborhood worked hard to make this event possible within just one week preparation,it did happen, and I'm so glad I was part of its success! As in hurray for our teamwork!

And here's our little girl in her one-day-featured-photo in the daily, made mama and papa soooo proud!!!

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