Monday, June 25, 2007

The best things in life are free, and so are the photoshop brushes I've downloaded last night...yes, they are freakin' free. I'm a newbie when it comes to digital scrapbooking after having spent some years doing the traditional stuff --- collecting, cutting, layouting, blah...blah..blah.... I'm not much of a techie though, but I'm open to learning and unlocking new doors to the world of digital scrapbooking. One advantage I really appreciate is that I can easily upload my digital layouts in my Friendster, Multiply, and my blog, in seconds , yipeeee!!! So here are my works using those free brushes :)

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Frances and Andi

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Sepia Mode

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my short do :)

Saturday, June 23, 2007

I Love Surprises

My first grader son, Jeremy, came out of their class last Thursday and lingered a little while with the school guard. At first, he was tinkering with this mega phone and all of a sudden, I heard his voice all over the place saying " I love you, Mama..." My heart melt at his gestures...and everyone in the school's waiting area heard it too. haaay...sweet!!! I love you more Kuya Jeree and Frances!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

First Day Of School

It was back to school for the kids starting last week. Lo and behold, this enormous tarpaulin in front of the school building caught my eye. And guess who's in it? It's Kuya in proud mommy kaayo ang mama, hehehe! ( sagdi na lang ko kay tagsa ra ni )

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The third pic at the bottom of the poster is their grad pic last March

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Kuya Jeree is the one at the left wearing a Hawaiian shirt

Some playful moments with Franee

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day, My Love...

Words are not enough to express how thankful we are to God for having you as a wonderful father to Jeremy and Frances Clare. We love you!!!

Happy Father's Day also to my Papa Jorge and my brother Rene, and to also to my brothers-in-law.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Survey Time...assuming you'll care hehehe

The longest survey you'll ever fill out!

1. Time started: 10:20pm
2. Full Name: Amabelle Enriquez Del Castillo
3. Single or Taken: Married
4. Sex: Female
5. Birthday: October 9, 1976
6. Siblings:1 - Rene
7. Shoe size: 6 or 7 depends on the brand
8. Height: next question please :P
9. What are you wearing right now: my GGCS white shirt and black jogging pants
10. Where do you live: Villa Leida Subdivision, Yati, Liloan, Cebu
11. Righty or lefty: Righty
12. Can you make a dollar in change right now: hmmm, let's see...
1. Who is your closest friend: it's Gra and the rest of the JIGKATE
2. Do you have a BF or GF?: my hubby
3. Did you send this to your crush?: WHat a high school question ahhaha
4. Best place to go for a date?: It's not where you go, it's who you're with.

Favorite kind of
1. Pants: I love the comfy fit of my Crew Jeans...still have to shed a few more pounds to fit into my Vanilla Jeans, haven't worn them yet ever since it got out from that balikbayan box, hehehe
2. Number: 6, it's what was said to be my lucky number
3. Animal: puppies
4. Drink: H20, coffee, milk tea, and Coke, my all time favorite
5. Sport: Sport? What's that? hahaha...I used to play softball when I was in high school, wearing the number 15 ( why kaha?) :P
6. Month: December
7. Breakfast: I just so love Pinoy breakfast!
8. Favorite cartoon: Tom and Jerry, Mr. Bean

Have you ever
1. Bathed with someone? Yeah
2. Smoked: Never ever
3. Bungee jumped: no, I don't think I will do it
4. Made yourself throw-up: Yeah a few times when my stomach hurt so bad I just had to
5. Eaten a hot-dog: Yeah
6. Put your tongue on a frozen pole: Uhmm NO. Who ever wrote this survey is nutts!! LOL...
8. Liked someone so much it made you cry: Well, I do, especially when I'm so overwhelmed with the person's sincerity :)
9. Broken a bone: Thank God I never had any
10. Played truth or dare: Yeah, back in high school, most of the time ...
11. Been in a physical fight: Never...well, I guess I did, when we were young, me and my brother would always fight, hahaha
12. Been in a police car: Never
13. Been on a plane: Yes
14. Come close to dying: yes, when I was still a baby, my mama said I was given 50-50 chance to live due to my swollen liver
15. Been in a sauna: No
16. Swam in the ocean: Yes, somewhere in La Union, I forgot the place, was it San Juan?? Where the showbiz people go surfing, I think that's the one...
17. Fallen asleep in school: no, I couldn't get myself to sleep during lunch break even if most of my friends already were
18. Ran away: nope
19. Broken someone's heart: I guess it's the other way around, they broke my heart, hahaha, well I guess it was a blessing in disguise after all, those jerks hahaha!
20. Cried when someone died: I always cry when someone dies, even when Im not close to them, I feel for their family
21. Cried in school: hehehe, lots of times, I cry when I'm happy, and I cry when I'm sad, it's in our family, tears just well up even if we were just laughing, weird no?
22. Fell off your chair: A big yes. Someone pulled a prank on me, pulled my chair and naturally when I sat down, the chair was in someplace else...but I didn't report him to the principal bec if I did he'd surely lose his scholarship in our school and he comes from a big family. But still, after more than 10 years, I still suffer a bad back after that incident
23. Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to CALL you: no
24. Saved YM conversations: No
25. Saved e-mails: Important or meaningful ones... the rest get DELETED
26. Fallen for one of your best friends: Eew no. NO offense guys but that's like incest haha
27. Used someone: I don't do that, but someone did use me, too bad...
28. Been cheated on: Too many freakin' times! hahaha

What is
1. Your good luck charm: My kiddos Jeremy and Frances Clare
2. Best song you ever heard: Perfect sang by Hubert
3. Your room like? Now comfy and lived in(finally), just the way I want it to be...
4. Beside your bed: A lamp, my mobile, my computer table, my magazines, my Bible and a bottle of water
5. Last thing u ate: Well I cooked Spicy Gambas and Chicken Adobo for dinner, and went to Jollibee for their Mocha Frost
6. The kind of shampoo you use: I just love the candy scent of Palmolive (pink) and sometimes I use the Sunsilk Summer Fresh, I just love the minty feel on the scalp

1. Believe in love at first sight: Maybe it's more like attraction at first sight, that was the start of something new for me and Hubert when we first met at Orven and Jennifer's pre-wedding party at Cebu Plaza Hotel 8 years ago
2. Like your life for the most part: Of course I do, no regrets
3. Like school: very much, I still plan to go to school again for another course, hehehe, it's gonna be my third
4. High school: went to school at Science High in Labangon, Cebu City
5. Who was the last person that called you: Hubert over Skype
6. Who was the last person you slow danced with: Hubert
7. Who makes you laugh the most: JIGKATE
8. Who makes you smile: Frances and Jeremy
9. Do you like filling these out: When Im bored. Oh who am I kidding I do,I do haha
10. Do you wear contacts or glasses: I used to wear glasses when I was in high school and college, but now I dont anymore after Frances told me I looked like her Mamaloo meaning I look old when I wear one, so stopped
11. Do you like yourself: Of course I do, Sir Glenn used to teach us the song "Would You Take Better Care of Yourself" during our Group Process days in Psychology. The song tells us to take better care of ourselves coz it's important to know that our bestfriend is our own self. You should learn to be more forgiving of your human imperfections when you realize that your bestfriend is yourself...I'm starting to sing it in my head....STOP, hahaha
12. Do you get along with your family: For the most part, yeah. Though we all have ups & downs... But I like to keep it harmonious & spend quality time when I have the chance.. Blood is blood.

Last person
1. You yelled at: Frances, I was so sorry, but I had to coz she kept on crying and asking me to call her Papaloo when she had just hang up my phone after she used up its prepaid load for calling her Papaloo to come over our house and bring her to Jollibee. And she was like waving my phone like mad and almost dropped it in the kitchen sink while I was washing the dishes, hahayy. And a few minutes after the call, Papa was already at our doorstep, she just couldn't wait...

2. Who broke your heart: Aiaiaiaiaiaiiiiiiiiii! I don't have to name names know who you are, hahaha
3. Who is your loudest friend: Grashzya!!!!!! But she makes me laugh and keeps me grounded
Are you
1. Obsessive: Sometimes because Im over analytical but also overly goodness its crazy being me hahhaa
2. Compulsive: No
3. Anorexic: No way, do I look like one??? hahaha

Final Questions
1. How many people are you sending this to: Everyone
2. What are you listening to right now: MYMP
3. What did you do yesterday: Stayed in KFI-LEC while waiting for Jeremy, had lunch with him at Jollibee, went to the Basilica Del Santo Niño bec it was a Friday
4. Hated someone in your family:Disliked maybe but never hated
5. Gotten any awards: in high school, got a silver in poster making contest, hehehe, that was it...and oh by the way, I was an honor student during elementary days, hahaha ( brag) :P
6. What car do you wish to have: Whatever, the question is, when will I ever learn to erase my fear so that I can drive, hahaha
7. Where do you want to get married: I'm married already....had our wedding at the Redemptorist Church
8. Good driver: not yet, but I will be soooooooooooooooooon, how soon, that I dont know :D
9. Good Singer: In my dreams haha
10. Have a lava lamp: Nope, I wish to have one...I like the blue one
11. How many remote controls are in your house: Like 2
13. What do you dream about: breathe same air for Hubert, the kids and me, meaning, live under one roof, haaay, wait till 2008
14. Last time you showered: This afternoon
15. Scary or happy movies: I HATE scary movies.. It's hard to erase those scary scenes off my mind once I get to watch one, so I'd rather not, hehehe. I go for happy and feel-good movies
19. Summer or winter: Summer, why??? Do I have a choice ??? wala winter sa Pinas...
20. Silver or Gold? GOld
21. Diamond or pearl? Diamonds are a girls best friend right...well, Im a girl so.....
23. Sprite or 7-Up: 7-Up
24. Orange juice or apple juice: Apple
25. Cats or dogs: I HATE CATS!
26. Coffee or Tea: Coffee
27. Phone or in person: IN person of course!
28. Are you Oldest, middle, youngest: Well, there's only the two of us, so that makes me the youngest, hehehe
29. Indoor or outdoor: I like both

Kids Just Wanna Have Fun

My kids are so picky on the food they eat, sometimes it really gets me down thinking what to give them. Until this morning morning, they decided for themselves and made a surprise breakfast with the help of their Ate Jade... when I got down, I was so happy to see them doing the preparation, I couldn't resist taking photos of this candid moment...

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Product of my Insomnia

I still couldn't get myself to sleep early even if this week has really got me working on my toes. The other night, I had just felt I have to do something worthwhile as I wait the Sandman to bring me to dreamland. Here it is, the product of my insomnia...

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

On a lighter note...

It's lunch time now, my cousin Joyce helps me feed my hungry chikitings who are still busy playing with their new toys courtesy of Mamaloo and Papaloo. Jeremy seems annoyed but he still keeps munching on his food, when he suddenly blurted out..." You villi, (referring to the intestinal villi), please stop asking for food now. Don't be shy, come on..." Wahahaha...I was really amazed at how he delivered his thoughts in such an unconventional way. I know that he really wanted to convey that his stomach is already full and so the villi should stop asking for more, hahahaha. Thanks to the Biology books his Teacher Bernie gave him. My, he is learning fast. Kahilak ko cge katawa and at the same time, amazed and thankful to God that he's given me such a loving and smart little boy.