Friday, November 28, 2008

Josef Blake @ 3 Months

Friday, November 21, 2008

Big Bro and Li'l Bro

What happens when Mommy asks help from Big Bro Jeremy to take care of Li'l Bro Josef Blake while mommy tries to get a decent supper? Better watch this...

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Josef Blake @ 2 Months Old

This is one of the perks I get everyday as a SAHM...the smile, the giggles, baby's breath, cuteness, baby fats, and all :) It simply takes all my worries away. Thank God :)

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween, Happy Birthday!!!

This day has been a very long day for the kids and me. Our morning started with Trick or Treating at the SM City. It was a congregation of superheroes, princesses, witches, wizards, cartoon characters, etc.

waiting for the GO signal...

Kuya Jeremy as an Aikijutsu Sempai

Ate Frances as Princess Aurora

And of course...

Josef Blake as Casper, hehehe...( apil sad siya oi)

Kuyog pud mi kung asa ang panon :D

Jeremy, Frances Clare, and their friend Frances Prudence

I had to keep calling her to stop and wait for us. Pirme ni sya magdangan, hadlok mahutdan hahaha


They were inseparable...

Happy, happy, joy, joy...

There's this man who was giving out candies to the kids too. Maybe it's his way of keeping the tradition alive :)

After exploring all of SM's wings, they were all exhausted...

But still, they compared notes...Well, they weren't able to fill their pails up to the rim, but the whole experience was well worth it. They surely had fun, and that was more than anything else. Happy Halloween!!!

In the afternoon, they kids were in for another round of fun and games. They were invited to the first birthday of John Philippe, the twins' cousin. Jeree and Franee enjoyed the games along with their friends.

The Birthday Boy

Frances with the twins, Rexine and Gayle, and Ken2x



Me with Maricor and Salyn

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Josef Blake @ 2 Months

Click on photo for a larger view

Monday, October 20, 2008

Crazy Jump

Here are two videos of Kuya Jeremy and Ate Frances during one of days we spent bonding at the Suzhou Central Park...

Kuya Jeremy is so hilarious here...

Ate Fran had to exert extra effort here just to touch the inflated floor because she's so light weight, hehehe

Sunday, October 19, 2008

How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You

Here are some pictures to share. I'll just let the pictures do the talking this time as my heart is full :)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Can't Wait...

I just can't wait for Friday and get hold of own Hello Kitty atm :D

Friday, September 05, 2008

Happy Birthday Andi!!!

Yesterday was my niece Andi's 2nd birthday. We were in Tagaytay last year to celebrate her first birthday. Since we are miles apart, Mama-lo decided we will be having a cake and simple dinner here in Cebu to celebrate her birthday.

Mama-lo in action...

Ta dah!!! Andi's cake!!!

Ate Franee was more than willing to blow the candles for her...

...and sliced it too.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

It has arrived!!!

My brother texted me yesterday and said he sent package for Josef Blake. It arrived this afternoon, and whoelse was ever excited? But of course the doting Ate Frances, who was more than eager to open it up hehehe...By the way, thank you Uncle Rene, Auntie Jo, and cousin Josef Blake.

Lo and behold...

The August that was...

It's been a long while since I've ever blogged. August 2008 was a series of events for the whole family. There was our daddy's arrival...the kid's first periodical exams...Kuya Jeremy's Jollibee Kiddie CS delivery...whew!!! Everything was in a marathon phase. At least now, with God's grace, we got through it in flying colors. Hurray!!!

First week of August :

Hubert confirmed that he would be arriving 11th of August and would be staying until the 30th. My expected date of delivery ( EDD ) was yet on Sept. 9 yet I could have my safe CS surgery between my 38th-39th week of pregnancy...pretty thrilling...since it has to be before Hubert leaving again for China after 3 weeks. As of this time, my OB-Gyne just wouldn't confirm as to what definite date it would be, huhuhuhu...stressful!

August 11

Hubert arrived from Shanghai along with his FSSZ officemates who were participants of the Technical Sharing of FSC at the Waterfront. Since the group will be shuttled from the airport to the hotel, we opted to meet him at the hotel lobby instead. While waiting, this is what we did...

And finally...our much awaited Daddy...

And of course...Daddy's loot...

We stayed with him at hotel and strolled around at The Walk in I.T. Park, just across the Waterfront...

And by the time we went back to our room...

August 18-22, 2008

The week started with a declared non-working holiday, which meant more study time for this week's 1st Periodical test. I'm just so glad I was still on my 37th week, so I would still be hands-on in tutoring the two kids with their lessons. Plus, Hubert was there to lend a hand. :)

Exams are on a half-day basis for the entire week, so the kids still had enough time to study for the following day's schedule at the same time they still had time to unwind when they finished studying earlier.

Saturday came, it was market day for the whole family, Mama-lo and Papa-lo included. We went to Consolacion markket to buy fresh supplies of our daily staples.

Sunday, we went to church at 10 am. Had our lunch at home and then headed to Jollibee Consolacion for the advanced birthday celebration of Kuya Jeremy. It was his 8th birthday party and he requested a Justice League-themed party. I could have done better with the preparation and all. But still we opted this hassle-free party because who knows, I might be going on labor anytime hehehe. So upon Daddy Hubert's approval, Jollibee party it was...

And on the 25th, Kuya's actual birthday, we had a simple dinner and a choco fountain treat...

And guess who enjoyed it the most?


August 26, 2008

7:00 am

I was already experiencing labor pains. I texted my doc and told me to proceed to the hospital if the pain persists.

9:00 am

I walked into the delivery room.I was My vital signs were monitored.


I was transferred to the Operating Room and by 11:30am they were preparing me for the surgery.


First time to meet my 7.1 lb Baby Josef Blake. It was a tear-jerking experience, hearing him let out his first cry made me cry too. It was also very touching to see him again already bathed and was latched to me.

Here are some pics...

That's my pretty doc, Dr. Jezreel L. Dabon, who happened to be my classmate since we were Prep up to 6th grade at St. Joseph's Academy.

August 29, 2008

We were discharged of the hospital. Ate Franee and Kuyaa Jeree came with Papa-lo to fetch us at the hospital. The two were very eager to meet the new member of the family.

August 30, 2008

Daddy Hubert has bid goodbye to everybody since he will be flying back to China. I was left home with Baby Jaybee while the kids accompanied him to the airport with Papa-lo ,of course. I had to stay upstairs due to my CS operation and enjoy service de luxe from Ate Cherry, hehehe.

Well, Daddy Hubert couldn't the moment pass without our new family picture with the new member of the family...

Well, that would be all for now. A marathon, wasn't it? :)